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College Admission Seminar - Join Us February 27th!

PARENTS! We are hosting a FREE seminar on February 27th at 6pm that your children could greatly benefit from. Set them up for success. Come soak in knowledge from expert Daniel Megbrabian about how to get your child into the top universities in the nation, or even internationally. With 15+ years experience and a proven track record of success, you won’t want to miss this.

RSVP here: Click here
Parents of children of ALL ages are encouraged to come.

Real Estate Market Updates, Inventory in Los Angeles and More! Check out this episode to find out.

Community Business Talk with Daniel Mehrabian

Martin & Mike's Annual Summer Picnic

Community Business Talk with Insurance Agent Martik Ghookasian

Coffee Talk Season 2, Episode 1:
Real Estate Bubble in 2019!? Are we really in a real estate bubble!? Check out this episode to find out!

Coffee Talk 6:
How to protect your earnest money deposit while in escrow.

Coffee Talk 5:
Buying and selling at the same time.

Martin and Mike: 2018 Summer Picnic

Coffee Talk 4:
Hiring family member or friend to sell your listing.

Coffee Talk 3:
Pricing high to leave room to negotiate.

Coffee Talk 2:
Agents cutting their own commission when attempting to earn your business.

Coffee Talk:
Different prices from different agents when selling your house.

Best pharmacy in town! Olympic Blvd Pharmacy with Martin & Mike!

Tujunga's Top Engineers - Oks'n Associates, Inc.

Voted highest producing Realtors in Tujunga

Why you should sell your home, and why now

The Elite Group with Mike Babakhanyan!

Check out our business of the week shout out to The Elite Group!

The Cabinet Spot!

Check out our business of the week shout out to The Cabinet Spot! These guys have an incredible and creative business with 5 Star Ratings and our viewers get an exclusive discount! Whether your upgrading your home or looking to add some flare, these guys have you covered!

Episode 1

Martin & Mike go over the latest market trends and stats in Los Angeles County, Glendale, Burbank and more.

Episode 2

Martin & Mike interview Edwin Davidian one of the nations top 100 loan officers with Skyline Home Loans.